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President Raisi hails anti-COVID19 measures in Iran

President Raisi hails anti-COVID19 measures in Iran

Addressing the national anti-COVID19 committee meeting on Saturday, Raisi referred to developments in Barekat and Razi vaccines production lines.

He also pointed to imports of 50 million doses of vaccine; saying will bring calmness and will remove concerns among people.  

He noted that screening plan and vaccination will pave the way for opening schools and educational centers.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian president referred to Arbaeen rituals, saying negotiations are underway with Iraq on holding the event in the best possible way.

Iran’s imported COVID-19 vaccines surpasses 50 million doses, with the 50th consignment of vaccines afforded from foreign sources entering the country on Saturday.

The new batch of imported coronavirus vaccines includes 3.2 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine afforded in the framework of UN’s COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX).

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