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Iran imports 50th batch of COVID-19 vaccine

Iran imports 50th batch of COVID-19 vaccine

The new batch of imported coronavirus vaccines includes 3.2 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine afforded in the framework of UN’s COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX).

Technical Deputy of Iran’s Customs Jalam Oronaghi said that the formalities were done onboard and the vaccines were immediately delivered to the Health Ministry officials.

He said 45 percent of all vaccines imported were only afforded in the last month and the rest were imported during the last seven months.

Iran has recently picked up the pace in purchasing and importing vaccines from foreign sources, as the country has been struggling with a surge in the number of deaths and new cases in the fifth peak of the coronavirus spread.

Iran has so far administered over 21,753,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines and 11,696,569 people have received both doses.

The country has received vaccines from China, Japan, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Austria, and India. China’s Sinopharm has had the biggest share.

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