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SATRA to file complaint about Google's removal of Iranian platforms

SATRA to file complaint about Google's removal of Iranian platforms

According to the Public Relations Bureau of SATRA, the giant tech company has removed effective and frequently-used Iranian platforms.

Such an irrational procedure started last month when Google omitted distinguished Iranian platforms of Rubika and Zarebin; then, in the recent weeks, they removed other important platforms active in audiovisual arena.

SATRA condemned the unprofessional and biased strategy, which takes place in a bid to weaken media authority in Iran. Tech sanction is in contradiction to neutrality, which should be observed in internet ecosystem. The omission policy is based on political justifications and is not founded on any technical, legal, or legitimate justification.

SATRA condemns the act, following up legal action to restore Iranians' rights in this respect. The authority urges Iran's National Cyberspace Center, the vice-president for legal affairs, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to follow up legal and international actions needed to stop such an illegal sanction.

In the first step, SATRA sent letters of complaints to different international regulatory and legal entities.

The removal of Iranian applications from Google Play is not related to the domestic interactions and developments of Iran; and public and administrative cooperation is needed to stand against this act, which is translated into disrespecting freedom of speech.

Google has repeatedly taken down Iranian media networks such as Press TV, Hispan TV, Al-Alam, and other radio and television networks from Iran. These networks' platforms have been blocked several times by Google so far

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