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World unable to analyze Iran’s Atlantic deployment

World unable to analyze Iran’s Atlantic deployment

Major General Abdul-Rahim Mousavi made the remarks while welcoming 75th Flotilla of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Navy that was returning from Atlantic Ocean voyage.

General Mousavi said that the mission was a historic step in realization of the objectives of the Revolution’s Second Step, set by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in civilization building with the axis of marine civilization.

Pointing to the accomplishment of the mission during a time when heaviest sanctions and psycho-political environment are in place against Iran, the commander underlined that the fact shows that ‘maximum’ sanctions have prepared Iran for even greater goals.

Elsewhere in the ceremony, Rear Admiral Mojtaba Mohammadi, the commander of 75th Flotilla deployed to the Atlantic, said that the intelligence-battle flotilla, consisting of Sahand Destroyer, Makran Sea Base, a helicopter and 317 staff, carried out the mission in 133 days, navigating 24,860 nautical miles and taking part in the anniversary of Russia’s Navy.

He counted the goals of the mission as flying Iran’s flag in faraway waters, ensuring the security of Iranian commercial ships and tankers, safeguarding Iran’s interests, and proving Iran’s ability to have a powerful presence everywhere its interests require.

Conveying peace message, neutralizing the Iranophobia project pursued by some countries, and enhancing the skills and toleration of Navy staff in long maritime journeys were also among other goals highlighted by the commander.

He also said that the 75th Flotilla passed through Indian Ocean and South and North Atlantic as well as Oman Sea, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland, and many sensitive waterways and straits.

Upon the return of the flotilla, the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution delivered a message, expressing gratitude towards the Army Navy and the flotilla staff.

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