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FM proposes establishment of Iran-Armenian Economic Commission

FM proposes establishment of Iran-Armenian Economic Commission

Hossein Amirabdollahian and Ararat Mirzoyan in their Wednesday night phone talk focused on various issues, such as bilateral relations, economic cooperation, the two countries' joint economic commission, the ECO summit meeting, and the regional and international developments.

The Iranian foreign minister said that Iran-Armenia relations are quite logical and ever onward, asking for their further comprehensive expansion.

He expressed satisfaction about the recent months’ growth of the two countries’ relations and highlighted the significance of expansion of ties in political and economic grounds, as well as the other fields.

The Iranian foreign minister announced the readiness of the Iranian companies for having a stronger presence in Armenian Republic.

Amirabdollahian said in the phone talk that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s basic policy is not accepting any change in regional countries international borders, expressed Tehran’s worries about the recent military clashes in Caucasus region, and asked for self-restraint and respecting the territorial integrity of all regional countries.

The Armenian foreign minister, too, in the phone talk referred to the proposed roadmap for the two countries’ relations which was emphasized in his recent visit of Tehran and announced his country’s readiness for sponsoring the joint economic commission and expansion of economic ties with Iran.

Ararat Mirzoyan praised the Islamic Republic of Iran’s standpoint on the need to respect the territorial integrity of every country and announced Yerevan’s determination to expand comprehensive relations with Iran.

He, meanwhile, repeated his invitation for his Iranian counterpart’s visit to Armenia.

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