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Sports min congratulates championship of deaf taekwondo, karate teams

Sports min congratulates championship of deaf taekwondo, karate teams

The final matches and closing ceremonies of the games were held in the presence of the Head of the President’s Office Gholam-Hossein Esmaili and the Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Hamid Sajjadi.

In the taekwondo games hosted by Iran, teams from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, and Malaysia, respectively ranked 2nd to 7th.

The karate and taekwondo competitions were held in separate halls of the same sports complex and the Iranian teams ranked world champion in both.

The Sports Minister Hamid Sajjadi issued a congratulation message following those two victories:

The championship of the national Iranian karate and taekwondo team in Tehran 2021 World Deaf Competitions was another pride for the Iranian nation and filled their hearts with joy.

Describing the pride inspiring victories of the national karate and taekwondo teams will remain in the history of the country’s sports for good.

I congratulate these two precious world championships gained by the national deaf karate and taekwondo teams to every single athlete in those two teams and to their technical cadres, coaches, care takers, the two federations and the dear people who love the sports and their athletes.

350 athletes from 14 teams in karate and taekwondo fields of men and women began their competitions in Tehran on Sunday October 21, and ended them with Iran’s championship in both on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

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