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IRCS, German Red Cross sign MoU

IRCS, German Red Cross sign MoU

Vice-President of the German Red Cross Volkmar SCHÖN met with IRCS Secretary-General Yaghoub Soleimani on Saturday morning in the IRCS’ Building of Peace and both sides discussed mutual cooperation.

The two sides signed an MOU in humanitarian fields such as relief, volunteering, and serving needy people.

Soleimani said that the Iranian Red Crescent is ready to cooperate with the German Red Cross in various fields such as aid workers training, adding that IRCS can share its experiences in the fields of Red Crescent Houses and volunteering services.

According to the IRCS Secretary-General, the Iranian Red Crescent provided COVID-19 vaccination for five million Afghan nationals who are living in Iran.

The German Red Cross Vice-President, for his part, said that the service of the Iranian Red Crescent Society to foreign nationals and needy groups is admirable, and the German Red Cross is ready to cooperate with the Iranian Red Crescent in this regard.

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