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The Stratgy of Becoming Powerful as the key Words of Confronting Enemies

The Stratgy of Becoming Powerful as the key Words of Confronting Enemies

The Relationship of Power with Days of Allah                      Given the fact that the supreme leader has repeatedly stated in his remarks: WE MUST BECOME STRONGER, a question arises as to what the mystery or code his -emphasis bear

these days. In other words, why does he keep emphasizing the phrase of "Days of Allah"? What you brows below tends to be the response to the question by Mr. Kanani, the secretary of lran Green Party, in an interview with Sepehr-e-Gharb correspondent.                        Kanani: With regard to the millions of lranians' attendance to the Friday Prayers in Tehran, the leader's speech represents a turning point or an epic day in the history of Revolution because it adds another day to Days of Allah such as the funeral of Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani and his men or the revenge which is a harsh blow to the image of USA in al-Assad military base in lraq.                            Corresp.: What does his sermon imply?                        Kanani: His wording shows that the nation has taken great steps toward the goals of lslamic Revolution. He reminded the enemies of the lranians' presence on the scene and the support they give to the revolution and its achievements yet. The enemies should not be pleased that a few shout slogans ignorantly against the system or they tear Commander Soleimani's photo apart; lranian people are the ones who are able to make Days of Allah flow into the scenes like a flood.                                       Corresp.: Why does the leader emphasize we ought to be powerful?            Kanani: To become stronger is what a Verse of Anfal( the Spoils of War) Surah in the Holy Qur'an dictates," Oh Muslems! Get prepared against the enemies whatever you are able of power or of steeds of war to terrify thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy." So, empowerment is a Divine order to us. It means we must obtain numerous powers so that we can frighten our enemies. The strategy of empowerment is the key word against the bullying and hostile actions of the enemy; therefore, there is no other way. If we are willing to maintain our national security and interests, we have to be stronger day in day out. Becoming stronger is the best strategy of resistance to the enemy and in the second-40 year of the lslamic Revolution, it is a MUST. The two other key words in the leader's sermon are the patience and thankfulness, so we must embrace these traits at the dangerous crossroads of the lslamic revolution and lay them at the forefront of our measures of resistance. The Holy Qur'an asks us to stand steadfast as we are commanded. It means Muslems of the Middle East must resist to the USA unanimously in the region.  Corresp.: The word "resistance" is uttered several times, why is it so important?  Kanani:

Kanani: Resistance is the most important power we have at our access at the moment, so we are to protect and hold it firmly. Resistance never gets promoted or elevated if we do not rely on our internal strength and if we do not strenghthen ourselves in varous areas.

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