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The Implementation of the most Advanced MRI Machine in Hameda , Iran

The Implementation of the most Advanced MRI Machine in Hameda , Iran

  Hamedan Mahdieh Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases made an attempt to unveil its most advanced MRI machine in the capital of the province. The head of the board of directors announced: Mahdieh Diagnosis and Treatment Center embarked upon delivering its services to patients with an open MRI machine which was the first machine in the west of the country. For the two last decades, it has activated its angiogrsphy, drug theraphy and cancer sections so that it can deliver proper services to patients, reduce the treatment complexities in the province and assist Hamedan Medical Sciences University. At the moment, it roughly serves

45000 patient referrals at numerous departments. In addition to various services, the center spends one billion and 700 million tomans to help the vulnerable patients with its cost reduction discounts.  In fact, the center has been established both to update its equipments and machines and help the deprived class of the community in general and and incurable patients in particular. In the coming days, the brachytherapy machine of the center will be launched which presents a kind of radiotherapy to the referrals. The diagnostic piece is implanted deep into the body cavity so as to image the organ deeply without damaging other organs with radiations. The center is proud to install its Signa Artist model of MRI machine which is the most advanced 1.5 MRI device of Tesla company of the General Electric. The CT Simulator department as the first specialized simulator center in the west of Iran has begun its activities since 2006. When the simulator machine operates, the patients will be stimulated in specific medical conditions whereby their  cancer treatment process will run with minimal displacements while they receive treatment with radiotherapy. The center is in possession of the only endosonography unit in the west part of the country whereby a super gastroenterologist is able to keep the relevant indications in mind and the gastrointestinal cancer patients standstill very effectively. Research and education receive proper attention in the center and in collaboration with physicians, it has collected a great archive of pathological images of MRI and CT scans of various diseases in its imaging section. It also has presented dozens of articles and lectures on oncology both in domestic and foreign journals and conferences. Since 2016, several experts from the Ministry of Health and Medical Educations have paid their visits to the center, a tribute to the capabilities and effeciency of the center. The center has made an agreement with Hamedan Medical Sciences University to train special assistants in the fields of radiotherapy and oncology. The trainees will be graduated next year. For the first time, the center has registered some medical students as a non-governmental sector in the country.

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