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Veep urges Pak gov't to seriously prevent security measures against Iran

Veep urges Pak gov't to seriously prevent security measures against Iran

Tehran, July 30, IRNA – Iran's First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri on Wednesday described establishing security and calm to the borders as a necessity for boosting trade relations, saying that Pakistani government should seriously help prevent insecurity moves by terrorists against Iran.
In a meeting with Pakistan's ambassador in Tehran, Rahim Hayat Qureshi, he expressed satisfaction with the growing trend of security on the borders of Iran and Pakistan, saying, "Iran's decisive approach is to prevent any border insecurity measures against Pakistan, and we expect the Pakistani government to do the same."
Emphasizing that bilateral relations and trade and economic cooperation between the two countries should improve, first vice president said, "The prerequisite for the development of economic cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad is security, peace, friendship and tranquility on the common borders of the two countries."
Referring to border restrictions caused by coronavirus outbreak in all countries, he said that the joint border between Iran and Pakistan was closed due to the viral spread but fortunately, it is open today and "we must try to prevent closure of borders through strict observance of health protocols".
Iran is ready to promote cooperation with Pakistan in all fields, especially in the field of energy, Jahangiri said, noting that Iran does not place any restrictions on expanding cooperation and meeting Pakistan's electricity, gas and oil needs, and Tehran is ready to remove obstacles to cooperation in the field.
Pakistan's ambassador, for his part, referred to historic, religious and cultural commonalities between the two countries, saying that it is a source of honor that Tehran and Islamabad have always supported each other in international forums, and Pakistani president and prime minister have always voiced their opposition to cruel sanctions against Iran.
He thanked Supreme Leader and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their clear and decisive positions on the Palestinian people, saying Iran has always taken strong stances on various issues, especially those related to Muslims and the Islamic Ummah.

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