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Medical Official: Iran’s Coronavirus Vaccine in Animal Test Phase

Medical Official: Iran’s Coronavirus Vaccine in Animal Test Phase

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Pasteur Institute of Iran Alireza Biglari announced on Sunday that the country’s experts are studying the possibility for starting the human trial phase for the home-made coronavirus vaccine following positive animal tests results.

“Fortunately, two of our knowledge-based companies have carried out good studies in this field and their vaccine (formula) is in the phase of animal tests and in case of positive results, they will enter the phase of human trial research,” Biglari told reporters.

Meantime, a senior member of the scientific committee of the national coronavirus campaign headquarters, Minou Mohrez, told FNA that the Iranian researchers have made progress in the production of anti-COVID-19 virus.

She said that the Iran-made coronavirus vaccine has successfully passed animal tests, and studies for human trials are being carried out.

In relevant remarks last Wednesday, Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said that the country’s medical specialists and scientists are now testing the home-made coronavirus vaccine on humans.

“Along with other world states, we have started work on [coronavirus] vaccine in our knowledge-based companies, Pasteur Institute of Iran and Razi Institute,” Namaki told reporters in a virtual meeting.

“Today, I can say that this multilateral cooperation has made some progress in developing three to four vaccines and these vaccines have passed tests on animals and have entered the human trial phase,” he added.

Namaki said that the Iranian government has also adopted the necessary action to purchase vaccine from the countries that might manage to develop it sooner than Iran.

Earlier this month, Namaki had announced that 5 groups of specialized researchers in Iran were trying to find the coronavirus vaccine, adding that the clinical studies on the vaccine would start soon.

“At present, at least 5 groups of highly skilled Iranian groups are working on production of [coronavirus] vaccine in Iran and clinical studies on the vaccine’s effect on humans is due to start very soon,” Namaki said in a video conference with his Nicaraguan counterpart Martha Reyes Alvarez.

He added that Iran has also produced Favipiravir and Remdesivir, two drugs believed to be of help in fighting the coronavirus, saying that the Iran-made Remdesivir will be provided to the patients soon.

Namaki said that Iran produces 97% of drugs needed in the country, stressing readiness to share experiences with Nicaragua in the field of health and hygiene.


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