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New ancient site unearthed in western Iran

New ancient site unearthed in western Iran

Khorramabad, July 8, IRNA - A new ancient site with Persian architecture dating back to Safavid rule from 1501 to 1722 was discovered in western Iranian province of Lorestan.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Lorestan Province Ata Hassanpour told reporters on Wednesday that the ancient site is located in Aligoodarz in south of the province.

The latest archeological excavations revealed that the site includes stone carpeted road, four bridges, remains of a historical castle, a windmill and a clay tablet bearing inscription from Safavid era, the official said.

The unearthed stone carpeted road with length of about tens of kilometers is part of an ancient tribal route built as a development project with four bridges on several lakes on the way of migration of tribes during Safavid era, the official added.

Asked about identity of the inscription tablet, the archeologist said it dates back to 1680s.

Iran with its ancient civilization enjoys considerable precious historical sites.

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