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Pres. Raisi calls for end to foreign presence in region

Pres. Raisi calls for end to foreign presence in region

Addressing a parade on the occasion of Iran's National Army Day on Tuesday, Raisi said the occasion conveys a message of peace and friendship to regional countries, adding that Iran seeks to cooperate with anyone who wants to maintain security in the region.

“But the message of our army and armed forces to extra-regional forces, especially the American forces, is they should leave the region immediately, as the presence of extra-regional forces does not help the security of the region,” he said.

He asserted that the presence of Iranian forces contributes to regional security, reiterating his call for the extra-regional forces, especially the Americans, to immediately leave the region because such a move would be to the benefit of the region and the Americans as well.

“Our armed forces stood up against the terrorists and made the region secure. But foreigners only threaten the security of regional countries. The strength of our armed forces benefits the security of the region,” the Iranian president added.

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