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Iran imposes retaliatory sanctions on EU, UK individuals, entities

Iran imposes retaliatory sanctions on EU, UK individuals, entities

Issuing a list of individuals and entities subject to new Iranian sanctions, the Ministry said in a Monday statement that the sanctions are imposed in compliance with the decisions made by the related authorities in Iran and in reaction to measures taken by some EU and UK individuals and legal entities to provide support to terrorist groups and to instigate and encourage acts of terrorism and violence against the Iranian people.

The statement said the sanctioned individuals and entities have interfered in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and have spread violence and unrest across the country.

It also accused the subjects of spreading lies and misinformation about Iran and contributing to an intensification of oppressive sanctions against the country which Tehran sees as an example of “economic terrorism”.     

Condemning European Union and the UK regime for supporting and facilitating the acts of these individuals and entities, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the EU and the UK have failed to counter their destructive measures which it described as “a breach of the international commitments in the field of fighting against terrorism”.

The Ministry said EU and UK's latest decision to impose and toughen arbitrary sanctions against Iran run contrary to the fundamental principles of the international law which are enshrined in the UN Charter.  

It said that the Iranian sanctions on the individuals and legal entities will require all the related bodies in Iranian to consider the necessary measures to implement the bans, including to deny Iranian visa to the subjects, to prevent their entry into the Iranian territory and to freeze their bank accounts and assets within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The list of individuals and entities sanctioned by the Iranian Foreign Ministry is as follows:

A)    European Union 
1.    Frank Haun, CEO of Kraus-Maffei Wegman Military Industries
2.    Flourian Seibel, CEO of Quantum-Systems
3.    Christoph Otten, Chairman of the ESG Board of Directors
4.    Ilana Cicurel, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
5.    Dominique Attias from France
6.    Edward Lintner, former member of the German Parliament
7.    Martin Maria Otto Felix Patzelt, former member of the German Parliament
8.    Leo Dautzenberg, former member of the German Parliament
9.    Christoph De Vries from Germany 
10.  Antonio Lopez Isturiz Whites, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
11.  Uri Rosenthal from Netherlands

Legal entities:
1.    German-Israeli Society, Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft

B)    UK regime
1.    Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Foundation UK
2.    Admiral Benjamin John Key, A commander at the British Navy
3.    Oliver Westmacott, President of AEGIS
4.    Michelle Russel, Head of the Security Industry Authority (SIA)
5.    John Tuckett, Chief of Immigration Services
6.    Laurence Taylor, Deputy Director of the UK Counter-Terrorism Centre
Legal entities:
1.    Royal Marine Air and Drone Center Culdrose (RNAS Culdrose)
2.    National Security Support Authority (affiliated with 5MI)
3.    Telecommunications Information Licensing Department

In its latest anti-Iran measure, the European Union said Monday that it had imposed sanctions on eight Iranians and a mobile telecommunications provider over alleged human rights abuses. 

The Council of EU ministers said it was banning ArianTel, accusing the mobile network operator of supplying the Iranian government with telecommunications surveillance systems. 

In addition, members of the Iranian parliament, members of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) and the IRGC Cooperative Foundation – an organization managing the corps’ investments, were added to the EU’s sanctions list.  

A total of 211 Iranian individuals and 35 entities related to the country are currently under EU sanctions, the EU Council said. The sanctions entail a freeze on any assets they might hold inside the EU and a ban on travel to the bloc. European companies also face secondary sanctions if they make funds available to those under sanctions.
Also on Monday, Britain announced fresh sanctions against a number of Iranian officials, including four IRGC regional commanders.

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