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'Iran-Iraq security agreement must be fully implemented'

'Iran-Iraq security agreement must be fully implemented'

Ahmadian hosted Iraqi National Security Advisor Qasim al-Araji in the capital Tehran on Sunday for talks on bilateral issues as well as the security agreement the two countries reached in recent months, the IRNA reported on Sunday.

The Iranian official said that the bilateral agreement as a guarantee for the security of the borders of the two countries is a rational and proper roadmap to pave the way for eliminating components that are making both countries and the West Asia region insecure.

Touching upon Iran-Iraq agreements on different fields, in particular concerning economic cooperation, Ahmadian argued that the two sides enjoy numerous capacities to improve all-out collaborations.

Al-Araji, for his part, emphasized that the Iraqi government is determined to implement the mutual security accord, noting that Baghdad will utilize any opportunity to develop and deepen Iran-Iraq relationship.

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