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Investment Opportunities in Hamedan

Investment Opportunities in Hamedan

                                 The delegate for the minister of economy and the general director of economic and financial affairs in Hamedan province, Mr. Mahmoodi, made the foll remarks while highlighting the provincial features:

        Based on the latest divisions of the country, Hamedan province covers 19491 square kilometers of the area, has upto two million populations and includes 9 urban districts, 31 cities, 25 rural districts and 73 villages. It is located in the neighborhoods of Zanjan, Qazvin, Markazi, Lorestan, Kermanshah and Kurdestan provinces.

                  Having been the first capital of governmental system in lran, it has attracted so much attention due to its unique geographical situation, appropriate climate, access to different parts of the country and briskness of production and budiness.

                                    With a reference to the overall structure of the province, Mr. Mahmoodi futher added: A survey of the gross domestic product may reveal facts about the economic welfare in Hamedan. We should bear in mind that the well-being and prosperity of a country or even a province do not solely rely upon the gross domestic product; rather, a better index points to the gross domestic product per capita. GDP per capita displays every citizen' output amount per capita. Research proves that GDP per capita in Hamedan province ( in its market value ) has amounted to nearly 165611 billion rials in 2015.   

                                   Referring to the potentials and benefits of investing in Hamedan, the manager general stated: In its agricultural sector, garlic, potato, alfalfa, walnut, grape, maize and beet may well attract a great deal of markets. In its poultry and livestock sector, its agriculturally processing industries and fish farming in the cold water will be greatly fruitful thanks to the special climate conditions and fertile soil of the province. Hamedan makes a better opportunity

for the investment because its investors have the privilage of making easy contacts with the industrial poles such as Tehran, Saveh, Arak Qom and lsfahan in order to accomodate the overflow of their industrial activities. Its background beyond the moulding industry and the presence of the skilful manly sources may provide proper grounds for the investment in the field of manufacturing machinery parts. The petrochemical, steel and cement subindustries pave the way for the flourishing investment with regard to its geographical location and proximity to the capital of the country. 

           Mr. Mahmoodi declared that new townships, industrial areas and a special economic zone called Jahanabad would be established in Famenin. Industrial zones would enjoy the plenty national resources of land so as to build up their factories. Finally, he pointed out the existence of rich mineral reserves and substances in the province; accordingly, it would be feasible to invest in the mineral technologu of limestone and cement which investors paid little heed to so far.

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