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Export and Production Booming in Lorestan Safa Fajr Agro Industries and Tourism Co

Supply of Products in Domestic and Foreign Markets

Export and Production Booming in Lorestan Safa Fajr Agro Industries and Tourism Co

 Safa Fajr Agro Industries and Tourism Co. is one of the important economical potentials Khorramabad, the capital of Lorestan Province. The company has been off and in recession for about more than two decades; it has been revived by the lranian and foreign investors. Now after five years, it is capable of supplying the domestic and foreign markets with its products. It also provides the ground for production booming in Lorestan Province.

                         The Administrative and Financial manager of the company maintains that its hydroponic greenhouse activity, the most important one, has occupied 50 hectares area of land of which 25 hectares have already been cultivated with tomatoes. The remaining hectares will be soon put under the cultivation. The delay of importing the required machinary is the reason why the rest of the area has not been planted yet. Mr. Khodarahmi adds," 25000 tonnes of tomato are roughly produced in the cultivated part and more than 70 percent of the product is exported to Russia and neighboring countries of the Persian Gulf. The rest is distributed in the domestic market.

The greenhouse of the company has been equiped with the best machinaries, benefits from high quality water and presents the high yield of product in the world."  He further emphasizes that the company is active in the field of animal husbandry which pertains to the light weight livestock breeding, heavey weight ewe raising and apiculture. The panorama and intended project include keeping 90000 heads of cattle so that 6000 tonnes of red meat can be produced per year. To do so, silos of 44000 tonnes have been built and more than 7000 sheep and 500 cows are now being kept in the established spaces. In the gardening sector of the company, 500 hectares have been dedicated to the fruit trees; namely, 250 hectares to the pomegranate trees, 160 hectare to the fig trees, 36 hectares to the grapes and 54 hectares to the stone kernel fruits. 300 hectares of this area have already been planted and resulted in its fruitition. Nearly two million seedlings have been raised side by side with the medcinal plants so as to meet the needs of the company. The manager also gives the report of constructing the export terminal for the yearly presentation of 300000 tonnes fruits, vegetables and saffron in the foreign markets. One of the problems in the agrocultural field relates to the lack of packaging program; accordingly, the terminal is expected to provide the producers with the proper packaging so that the goods do not get spoiled easily. At the end of his remarks, the manager speaks of constructing a tourism complex in two different areas of 1300 and 140 hectares of land to attract more foreign tourists into the country provided that the present obstacles become removed by the authorities.

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