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The Investment of 500 billion Tomans(Iranian Currency) in the Transformation Industries of Hamedan

The Investment of 500 billion Tomans(Iranian Currency) in the Transformation Industries of Hamedan

اختصاصی سپهرغرب-The investment director of agricultural Jihad organization in Hamedan announced: According to the papers of exploitation licenses, 500 billion tomans were invested in the industrial units, rural small enterprises and household jobs in Hamedan Province last year. The state of investing in the agricultural sector and transformation and food industries of the province is optimal because both sections provided the grounds for the employment of over 3066 people in the province. We have cohered and coordinated our efforts to spend roughly 400 billion tomans from the sources assigned by the budget law of 2019 for the conclusion of the contracts. We are also ready to use 144 billion tomans more to sign new contracts. It is predicted that over 550 billion tomans of the budget will be spent for the conclusion of contracts by September 2020. In sum, the demand volume for the investment in the agricultural sector of the province has increased sharply and based on the liscenses issued by the Agricultural Engineering System Office over 770 industrial and rural projects are at the various stages of construction and some are referred to the banks to meet the terms of partnership loans. The capital required for these projects is more than 2400 billion tomans and we predict that some projects may get to their exploitation stages by the end of 2021. The Coronavirus crisis appears to be temporary and hopefully, we may overcome it with the least damage. With properly financial decisions, we will manage and pursue the issue. The agricultural projects will require 500 billion tomans whereas we need more than 2000 billion tomans to carry out the industrial projects throughout the province. Forecasts reveal that more than 5000 jobless people may get the chance of being employed in the coming months.

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