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More than 1200 Investors are Active in Kermanshah Industrial Quarters.

More than 1200 Investors are Active in Kermanshah Industrial Quarters.

اختصاصی سپهرغرب- The executive director of the company for the industrial quarters in Kermanshah Province announced: At present, more than 1200 investors are active in Kermanshah Industrial Quarters. The semi-finished projects in the quarters are at the stage of making their products. Important enterprises are on the agenda in accordance to the new year's slogan ; namely, Surge in Production. The building and completion of the infrastructures in the industrial quarters provide the appropriate grounds for the attraction of investment and production which are the tools and most fundamental cornerstones of fulfilling the year's slogan.  We hope that we may put the semi-functional projects into the full production cycle due to the encouragements the ministry of industry provide us with. Moreover, we are to bring back less capacity units into the full state of production in the economic cycle. The incentives consist of transfering lands to the owners of the units 50 percent free of charge. In fact, they receive the lands by paying 20 percent cash and the remaining percent will be given in 36-month installments. The incentives are also intended to make the exploitations of the industrial units by granting low interest loans to the owners with regard to the note number 18. Kermabshah Province is in possession of 21 industrial quarters which occupy an area of 2400 hectares.  1500 hectares have already been put into operation where more than 1200 investors are busy to produce their goods in the quarters.

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