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The Investment of 49000 Billion Tomans(Persian Currency) in Ilam

The Investment of 49000 Billion Tomans(Persian Currency) in Ilam

اختصاصی سپهرغرب؛ Qasem S. Dashtaki, the governor-general of Ilam Province declared: Some important projects are to be inaugurated in the province; in addition, more than 48000 billion tomans have already been invested in Ilam which reminds us that this volume of investment is unique at this short span of time in its own kind. The three of those crucial programs which are ready to be open include the phases of desulfurization, hydrogen production and petrochemical olefin. So many projects such as the seismic plans or some great plants have already been put into operation in the province. One of the key effects of this kind of investment tends to inctease the turnover and decrease the rate of unemployment significantly in the province. The first effect of boosting investment deals with the adjustment of the unemployment rate which was 17% and put Ilam in the 31st rank in the country before the government of prudence and hope. Meanwhile, its high rate of unemployment was 12.6% in 2017 and appeared to be 8.3% in 2018

 So the rate continued to be 7% and  the province got the third rank of the unemployment level in the country third quarter of 2019. In the second half of 2016, Ilam got approximately 30000 unemployed people; now the number has been reduced to 14000 people thanks to the efforts made.  Yet, we believe it is a high statistic and we carry out all efforts to adjust and reduce the unemployment rate in the province in the year if surge in production. The second effect of investment calls for rising prices because wherever there is money, the rate of supply and demand boosts and inflation rises. However, compared with the last year,  the inflation rate in Ilam has been decreased 4%  according to the reports given by the  Statistical Center of Iran.

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